• BIC 7'3 Mini Malibu Padded DURA-TEC
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BIC 7'3 Mini Malibu Padded DURA-TEC

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7'3" Mini-Malibu padded

The 7'3" Mini Malibu is the perfect all-rounder. A fabulous entry-level board for new surfers, it features a refined combination of stability for ease of paddling and enough performance to make it a fun board for the more advanced surfer. Versatile and a joy to ride, the Mini-Malibu surfboard will take you from your first ever surfing experience through to gliding down the unbroken wave face or ripping up the lip! Durable enough to survive learn-to-surf wipeouts that leave other boards on the beach, this low-cost board will bring you hours of fun on a great range of wave conditions.



The DURA-TEC PAD series takes all the benefits of the DURA-TEC' s great shapes with unbeatable durability and couples it with a Segmented EVA deck pad, meaning there is now no need for wax; the board stays clean for longer while providing unbeatable traction and a great indicator of where to stand on the board. A great option for surf schools and any surfer that wants to spend more time surfing and less time waxing.


Data specs


7'3" / 220cm
21.25 " / 54 cm
2.50 " / 6.4 cm
13 lbs / 6 Kg




Fin Set-UP
Thruster Tri
Fin Supplied
FCS M-5 Thruster
Gérard Dabbadie