• Bic Performer 7'6
  • Bic Performer 7'6
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Bic Performer 7'6

購買 追蹤 結帳

The Bic Performer 7'6 is a benchmark in the world of surfing.

Responsive, fast and precise board.

It will allow you to progress while giving you the pleasure of riding a short board.

Comfortable like a longboard and radical like a short board.

The Performer is versatile, efficient and solid.

Its proven and refined shape will give you thrills in a wide range of waves.

For intermediate to advanced surfers.

For sizes 65/85 kg.

Length: 228 cm

Width: 54 cm

Thickness: 7 cm

Volume: 51 liters

Weight: 5.70kg

Shapper: Dabbadie

Spoiler: FCS M5 Thruster.